Taps and Dragons - Idle Heroes


A simple and addictive RPG


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Taps and Dragons - Idle Heroes is an RPG clicker where you lead small group of adventurers in a struggle against endless waves of enemies. The game is set in a classic epic fantasy atmosphere, complete with monsters, magic, and swords.

The gameplay in Taps and Dragons - Idle Heroes is simple: just tap the screen repeatedly for your hero to attack the enemy. Every time you kill an enemy, you win coins, which are then used to increase the damage your character inflicts with each tap. You can also buy new heroes. These new heroes, once unlocked, will automatically attack and injure your enemies every second.

The 'normal' enemies don't pose any sort of danger and in most cases you can even leave it up to the rest of your heroes to take care of them. However, when you fight a boss, you're the one who needs to step up and fight. If you don't manage to kill it before the time's up, you'll be the one who dies.

Taps and Dragons - Idle Heroes is an addictive RPG clicker that stands out for the large variety of enemies to fight and the many additional adventurers you can recruit.
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Requires Android 4.0.3 or higher

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